Steel Pretreatment Line

For the steel pretreatment line, we apply the integrated processes of shot-blasting, zinc-rich primer roller painting, drying, shearing, and forming, which reduce the transportation cost and labor intensity compared with the traditional production methods, besides, the whole production will be processed more steadily, and have the guarantee of fully security and quality.

1st shot blasting is operated by the inclined angle, which is a revolutionary change compared with the traditional level work. It can avoid accumulating abrasive materials and obstructing the abrasive materials to impact the surface of the steel plate and also reduces the loss of strength caused by the gravity and reach better quality of pretreatment.

The flux of abrasive materials of each ramming head is adjusted by the intelligent control system, moreover, it is adjusted according to the sanding quality in each area of the steel plate at the real time, so that the sanding density can be even and stable.