Water-borne Paint Spraying Line

To respond to the environment-oriented call of "oil-paint-removal and waterborne-paint -applied" in our country and follow the tendency in the world, PAN OCEAN finished the paint line modification works, which make it become the industry-leading waterborne paint spraying line as well as an example of waterborne paint line modification for factories in this industry to learn and imitate. The rationality of its process design, advancement of its equipment, and details assurance of its construction quality, fully meet the requirements for waterborne paint spraying quality and production efficiency enhancement, and are highly appraised by many clients and their representatives.

The paint line includes procedures of preheating, spraying, levelling, drying, cooling, checking and paint-repairing. The length of the overall line is more than 700m, which represents abundant space.

In the insulation design for the whole painting line, including storage, paint mixing and spraying, all of three layers of paint obtain the guarantee of the quality of the preheating, pre-coating, pre-spraying, infrared induction automatic spraying, leveling, air drafting, drying by means of evenly swinging wind, cooling and environmental protection cycling filtration system in the construction.

For the finishing coat, there are two drying houses: high temperature and low temperature, and each drying room has a real-time temperature monitoring and prompting, evenly heating and swinging system, which provides sufficient space and standing time for paint to dry. Meanwhile, it avoids all types of paint defects.

The whole line of paint spraying has a total of 58 places for 40’ containers including 9 for the drying of the first coat and one for the cooling, 9 for the drying of the middle coat and 3 for the cooling, and 12 for the drying of the finish coat and 3 for cooling. The sufficient space for boxes, rigorous and smooth processing route, scientific and reasonable process design, assistance of such systems as the self-motion boxes and the whole-process video surveillance have combined to create the water-borne paint spraying line, which is outstanding and well-known in the industry.

Side and angle area automatic paint spraying was designed and developed by PAN OCEAN’S Engineer. It can ensure the painting quality of backhand and hidden area.