Company Profile

Location Advantage

PAN OCEAN is located at 121° east longitude, 30° north latitude, within Haiyan Economic Development Zone of Jiaxing at the Golden Coastal Belt, at the north end of the world-known Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge, and at the center of the developed city cluster in the Yangtze River Delta, including Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo and Suzhou. Hence, it possesses unparalleled geographical advantages.

Supported by the convenient land transportation system as well as a number of seaports, airports, railway/high-speed railway stations nearby, PAN OCEAN can provide global clients with convenient and efficient container-delivery service.

Enterprise Course

Nowadays, since its putting into operation, in just a few years, this container production base which was invested in 2012 with a total amount of 98 million U.S. dollars, a land area of 350 acres,

a construction area of 100,000 square meters and an annual production capacity of 200,000 TEUs, has rapidly grown into a one-stop container solution provider which is pioneering in the container sector and leading in the industry in China by constantly improving its manufacturing capacity and integrating the development, research, manufacturing and sales of special equipment.

Technical Research & Development

At present, supported by its excellent technical research&development team, PAN OCEAN has effectively made solutions to all kinds of containers, can provide clients with the standard dry cargo containers of all kinds and the special containers of customized sizes, thus fully satisfying the requirements of clients. Each technical breakthrough has culminated in products, instead of being just satisfied with the theory. PAN OCEAN has enhanced its product quality, better adapted to the individualization of clients and possessed the flexible production capacity of multiple models of containers in a fast converted manner with the support of its strong research&development capacity and its increasing intelligent manufacturing level which is leading in the industry.

  • 98 Million

    In 2012, a total investment of 98 million US dollars, covering an area of 350 acres

  • 200 Thousand

    Production base with an annual output of 200,000 TEU containers

  • 85 %

    The standard box production line has achieved more than 85% automated production

  • 180 Million

    In 2017, 180 million yuan was invested to upgrade the production line

Increasing Manufacturing Capability

If the control of design is the direction, manufacturing has provided reliable guarantee for the product quality.

Conforming to the times and closely follow the world’s pace, PAN OCEAN invested 140 million RMB in 2017 totally for the large-scale “machines instead of manpower”, intelligent equipment automation, renovation of waterborne paint spraying line and special container production line in order to better meet customers’ needs.

The completion of renovation processes such as steel pretreatment, steel pressing, welding, paint spraying and beauty make-up lines have combined to significantly enhance the level of production automation, security and environmental protection of PAN OCEAN, and promoted it to the frontline of the industry.

In particular, the implementation of such technical improvement projects such as “the replacement of people with machines,” as well as the introduction and application of a large number of intelligent automation equipment, have provided adequate hardware guarantee for the security and quality of the products. At present, more than 70% of PAN OCEAN’s short blasting, parts processing, welding, paint spraying, drilling and nailing on the floorboard, etc. have been conducted in an automatic manner. Hence, PAN OCEAN’s factory automation has occupied the leading position in the container sector.

PAN OCEAN renovated and completed the water-borne paint spraying line and put it into operation in April 2017, with a total investment of 50 million yuan, thus setting a successful example for all plants in the industry. Its reasonable process design, advanced equipment and guarantee for the details of construction quality can fully satisfy the requirements for the quality of water-borne paint spraying and enhance the production efficiency. As a result, PAN OCEAN has got praises from numerous clients and their representatives.

In the insulation design for the whole painting line, including storage, paint mixing and spraying, all of three layers of paint obtain the guarantee of the quality of the preheating, pre-coating, pre-spraying, infrared induction automatic spraying, leveling, air drafting, drying by means of evenly swinging wind, cooling and environmental protection cycling filtration system in the construction. The whole line of paint spraying has a total of 58 places for 40’ containers including 9 for the drying of the first coat and one for the cooling, 9 for the drying of the middle coat and 3 for the cooling, and 12 for the drying of the finish coat and 3 for cooling. The sufficient space for boxes, rigorous and smooth processing route, scientific and reasonable process design, assistance of such systems as the self-motion boxes and the whole-process video surveillance have combined to create the water-borne paint spraying line, which is outstanding and well-known in the industry.

On the basis of manufacturing standard dry cargo containers, PAN OCEAN invested nearly 60 million RMB in the construction of an advanced special container production line in 2016; moreover, it strives to satisfy the clients’ requirements for special containers of all kinds by virtue of its powerful production capacity.

  • Quality Assurance

    We always put quality in the first place in the manufacturing of our products. To enhance the quality of containers, PAN OCEAN strictly complies with the ISO Standard Requirements, strictly manages and controls the product quality to ensure the reliable quality of each product.

  • Convenient Delivery of Containers

    We have built the unique customs supervision container yard in Jiaxing which covers an area of 120,000sqm and can accommodate 35,000 TEUs. With its advantage of one-stop custom declaration, clearance and direct delivery to the harbor, we can deliver our products to clients at the highest speed.

  • Marketing

    After many years’ development, PAN OCEAN has set up good cooperation relations with major clients at home and abroad. Its products have been selling well worldwide such as America, England, German, South Korea, Switzerland, Netherlands, Turkey and so on and become popular among the users. PAN OCEAN assists the development of the logistics system and joins hands with clients to achieve a win-win goal in the construction of the Belt and Road.

  • Company Culture

    The win-win goal represents PAN OCEAN’s vision of growing and expansion. It has always adhered to the development concept of “teamwork, responsibilities, passion and hard work.” By focusing on clients and with excellent products and efficient logistics, it has always performed brilliantly, exceeding the expectation of clients.

  • Business philosophy

    PAN OCEAN always adheres to the business concept of “satisfying clients, achieving cost-effectiveness and looking towards the future.” By means of the powerful design and development of the flexible production capacity, PAN OCEAN provides clients with containers of different models, which are safe, reliable, environmental-friendly and of high quality.

  • Social Responsibility

    Based on the sense of responsibility of promoting the ecological and social sustainable development, PAN OCEAN has put 20% of its investment in the environmental friendly equipment, while realizing the brand value. By such way has it improved the working environment, increased the level of green manufacturing and realized the environment protection goal of zero release and zero pollution.

  • Corporate Vision

    In the future, PAN OCEAN will insist on the design philosophy of safety, quality, green and intelligence. It will constantly advance and provide clients with best quality products and service. It will strive to become the world-leading one-stop container solution provider.

    PAN OCEAN has been uninterruptedly advancing and making progress bravely as the pioneer, and cooperate our customers for ‘win-win’!

Management Team

PAN OCEAN has been adhering to the management philosophy of “all staff participation, strengthening management, keep improving for creating good quality” and all staffs of PAN OCEAN will unite our strength, and keep forging ahead with passion unceasingly, and then jointly strive for the “Dream of PAN OCEAN”. 

Company Qualification